IPR Cell

                   Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Cell

The Avanthi institute of engineering & technology(AIET) recognizes the importance of generation of intellectual property by its teachers and students. The college is committed to do all that is within its powers and obligations to encourage the creativity and innovation of its people, which can lead to generation of intellectual property (IP). This cell provides support and guidance to the engineering students and staff in protecting their inventions and creations. The cell is also committed to the common people of our society. It supports common people, who approach the cell, to shape their innovative ideas and guide them to obtain IP right. The activities of this IPR Cell in AIET are in alignment with the objectives of the Patent Information Centre.

The major objective of the IPR Cell includes:

  • To work as a bridge between PIC –
  • To promote constant awareness about IPs
  • To engage in / conduct IP clinics/ workshops/ seminars
  • To advice and guide students and faculty on the importance of IPR
  • To support common people to obtain protection for their inventions / innovative ideas
  • Conducting workshop to bring awareness and values added research
  • To bring awareness on patent and intellectual project rights
  • Encourage the faculty for new developments ,innovation





               Y.RAMESH BABU MTECH


1) Dr. REGAN (ECE)




5) Dr.SUJTHA (H/S)

3.2.2 Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Industry-Academia Innovative practices 
YearName of the workshop/ seminarDate From – ToLink to the Activity report on the websiteDate of establishment of IPR cell
2016-2017RealTime Embedded system and IOT and its applications28/12/2017 to 29/12/2017www.aietg.ac.in13-08-2012
2016-2017A workshop on PLC-SCADADEC 22-DEC 24th 2016 
2016-2017A 3-day FDP on multilevel converter and power quality issues for electric drives8th Dec to 10 th Dec 
2016-2017IOT11-01-2017 to 13-01-2017 
2016-2017Software Testing23/09/2016 to 24/09/2016 
2016-2017ROBOTICS10-11 feb 2017 
2016-17Becoming a Better MBA student16/11/16 
2016-17Abhyas2017(Management trends and challenges in Digital Era)on21st&22nd April 2017 
2016-17Vishishta-2k16On 19th november 2016 
2016-17Engineering properties of Biological material in food quality19/09/16 
2015-2016Core Area of RTOS10/11/2015 
2015-2016ARM Processors16-3-2015 
2015-2016Knowledge on core area27/2/2016 
2015-2016Colour noise, blue noise, brown noise14/09/2015 
2015-2016Signal processing in analog applications, power spectral density of noise23/09/2015 
2015-2016History of different types of antennas doordarshan18-12-2015 
2015-2016one day work shop on solar power energy6th March 2016 
2015-2016Faculty development program19th March 2016 
2015-2016One day seminar on “Simulation and P Spice”17th  April 2016 
2015-2016PPT computation on “Save the earth”26th   February 2016 
2015-2016A one day work shop on “Auto-machine”2nd  March 2016 
2015-2016A one day Work shop on “MAT LAB”5thAugust  2015 
2015-2016IEEE Awareness Program17th  July 2015 
2015-2016A one day Work shop on “Renewable Energy sources”28th  July 2015 
2015-2016A one day work shop on “MATLAB”27th  November 2015 
2015-2016A workshop on energy awareness week28FEB to 5TH MARCH 
2015-2016One day seminar on “Simulation and P Spice”7th  April 2015 
2015-2016English communication soft skills work shop27 -28 Nov, 2015 
2015-2016English Forum – RHETORIC Skit11th Dec, 2015 
2015-2016RHETORIC group seminar17th Dec, 2015 
2015-2016RHETORIC seminar on CALAMATIES 17th Dec, 2015 
2015-2016RHETORIC, PPT on Global Warming19th Dec, 2015 
2015-2016RHETORIC, PPT on ANDRIODE8th January, 2016 
2015-16monetery policy, Firm policy
&Industry policy
2015-2016Special Manufacturing Processes21/08/15 
2015-2016Special Tool Bits for HS Turning25/09/15 
2015-2016D&D of Internal Threads for Glass Phenolic Composite Cylinder7/10/2015 
2015-2016TPM in Indian Industry23/10/15 
2015-2016Solar Concentrator19/07/15 
2015-2016Two days workshop on HVAC and Career Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in the Construction Industry5/1/2016 
2015-2016Dynamics of Motor Vehicle20/01/16 
2015-2016Composite Utilization2/2/2016 
2015-2016CNC Programming(MasterCAM)4/3/2016 
2015-2016Solid State Welding8/4/2016 
2015-2016Thermal Coatings13/04/16 
2014-2015Embedded linux on ZYNQ_7000 SOC  Using VIVADO25/09/2015 
2014-2015Identification of Components17-3-2015 
2014-2015One day work shop on “E-learning”14th   October  2014 
2014-2015CMC Vist4/4/2014 
2014-2015TCS vist10/4/2014 
2014-2015Information Security11/7/2014 
2014-2015CMC Vist13-03-2015 
2014-15Financial Analysis13/12/15 
2014-2015A Natinal Level workshop on Recent Advances in Composite Materials30/12/14 to 5/01/15 
2014-2015Manufacturing SPM Jigs and Fixtures6/8/2014 
2014-2015Servo Stabilizer for A.C Equipment and D.C Power17/10/14 
2014-2015Polymers and Latest Applications25/11/14 
2014-2015NDT (Non Destructive Testing)23/07/2014 
2014-2015Design of Machine Members10/10/2014 
2014-2015Jet Propulsion28/10/14 
2014-2015A one day workshop on Non Renewable Energy Sources18/03/15 
2014-2015Gear Design for Hobbing Process5/1/2015 
2014-2015Plastics and Modern Trends in New Products12/3/2015 
2014-2015Advances in CAD25/03/15 
2014-2015Advanced Manufacturing Process8/4/2015 
2014-2015Vehicle Dynamics3/3/2015 
2013-2014Emerging Trends in Embedded System6/3/2014 
2013-2014Knowledge on Core Area(VLSI)5-3-2014 to 6-3-2014 
2013-2014Identification of Electronics Circuits7/1/2014 
2013-2014Analog Electronics4/06/2013 to 14/06/2013 
2013-2014Core Area in ARM Processors10/11/2013 
2013-2014One day work shop on “Multi-level inverters”26th  February 2014 
2013-2014Engineers day14th   September 2013 
2013-2014A one day work shop on “MATLAB”27th  November 2013 
2013-2014IOT11-7-2013 to 13-7-2013 
2013-2014Emerging Trends in English Language Teaching and Research9/9/2013 
2013-2014ADOBE FLEX24-12-2013 
2013-2014Information Security31-01-2014 to 01-02-2014 
2013-2014 Two daysWork shop on Emerging trends in Embeded systems by UTS6&7-03-2014 
2013-2014A National symposium “Tech-Resonance 2014”19&20-03-2014 
2013-2014Hands on expierence on PCB Designning7/1/2014 
2013-2014Personality development program by IEEE SB12/2/2014 
2013-2014AICTE-BSNL employability enhancement programme11/9/2013 
2013-14Issues & Challenges in Cyber crime12/12/2014 
2013-2014Two Week ISTE Workshop on Engineering Mechanics26/12/13 to 06/01/14 
2013-2014CRDI Fuel Injection System.18/07/13 
2013-2014Growing Usage of Composite in Electrical Sector22/07/13 
2013-2014Science Behind the Metallurgy30/07/13 
2013-2014Special Acrylic Fibres and Carbon Fibres17/08/13 
2013-2014Processing and Applications of Glass7/9/2013 
2013-2014Introduction to Aerospace Technology20/10/13 
2013-2014Design & Analysis of CMCs5/11/2013 
2013-2014Two Week ISTE Workshop on Fluid Mechanics20/05/14 to 30/05/14 
2013-2014A two days Faculty Development Program on Rapid Prototype Technologies and its Applications24/01/14 to 25/01/14 
2013-2014Thermal Engineering20/03/14 
2013-2014Composite for Chemical Applications6/1/2014 
2013-2014Latest Trends in Automobiles5/2/2014 
2013-2014CNC Programming (MasterCAM)12/3/2014 
2012-2013Seminar on “Awareness on higher studies”6th March 2013 
2012-13Analysis of Time Series11/12/2013