Governing Body


Minutes of governing body meeting held in the board room on: 1 Aug 2018
Members present were

1Smt.M. GnaneswariVice-Chairperson
2Mr.M. NandeeshwarVice President
3Dr.M. PriyankaGeneral secretary
4Mr.I. Sravan kumarManaging Director
5Dr.Y. JayapradaDirector
6Dr. K. Rammohan ReddyMember, JNTUH Head & Professor, Centre for Water Resources & JNTUH, Hyderabad.
7Mr.N. SaiRamSecretary
8Mr. K. ObuleshMember
9Mr.T. Kranthi KumarMember
10Dr.T. Hanuman ChowdaryMember Former IT Advisor AP,Presently- Advisor to TCS
11Mr. NarasimhaMember Deputy Director
12Mr.NilankaTrivediMember Scientist F- DRDO
13Mr.GantaRamanaMember Wipro-Technologies Member Lead Technical
14Dr. Mohd. Yousuf AliPrincipal,AIET-Member Secretary

The Member Secretary& Principal , presented a brief of activities and  elaborated about the points of agenda and other important activities .

Reconfirmation:The minutes of the previous Governing Body meeting re-confirmed and approved.  Suggestion to provide Agenda points in three categories in the future. The agenda points for the future College Governing Body Meetings be categorized into the following :  i. Reporting Items ii. Ratification Items iii. Approval Items.


  1. Implementation of Academic Council Meeting Minutes & related issues
  2. Results Analysis .
  3. Perspective Plans.
  4. Research Centre for Computer Engineering.
  5. Massive Open Online Course Implementation
  6. Faculty Certification NPTEL- online courses registration – compulsory.
  7. Other Points


1) Approval for Implementation of Academic Council Meeting Minutes & related issues :The Academic Council Meeting Minutes held on 7.3.2017 have been perused and resolved to approve the same after deliberations.

2) Results Analysis :Results of the AIET with good improvement is appreciated and suggested to continue the remedial class work for the students in the area of gaps identified.

3) Perspective Plans:The strategic plans/ perspective plans for the future in the frame work of 5 years and 10 years are suggested by the members for the growth of the institution

4) Research Centre: for Computer Engineering , Governing body had already approved to establish Centre for Research in Computer Engineering for an initial expenditure of Rs. 7.00 Lakhs. Members suggested that the Research centers at all departments under JNTUH affiliation will be helpful for the growth of the institute which is having minimum two doctorates in each department. The member from JNTUH is requested to give the modus-operandi to start research works at AIET  in a full-fledged way. Members also suggested promoting research publications by Faculty as well as students from both UG and PG, in on-line and print journals, with good  Scores/ Scopus Indexing reputed journals.

5) MOOCS – Massive Open Online Course Implementation ;Principal AIET, explained that the MOOCS system is implemented in AIET through TASK organization. The members suggested taking the MOOCS courses that were emulated by JNTUH and also to consider NPTEL courses also as MOOCS courses and necessary approvals be pursued from JNTUH.

6) NPTEL course – Faculty Certification NPTEL- online courses registration is compulsory for all the faculty members and minimum one course certification per year need to be obtained by each faculty.

7) Other Points i) IQAC must conduct audit on regular basis as per UGC/AICTE Guide-lines. ii) Kitchen Garden in the vast area of AIET institutions be promoted. iii) Entrepreneurship development cell with the help of Department of MBA is suggested

Comments: As there were no other points to dicuss the meeting ended up with a vote of thanks